ANNÆLIX is a Danish electronic composer, producer, and artist, who has gained recognition for her unique electronic sound, merging a soft club vibe with Danish pop songwriting. As an innovative composer and musician, she explores an electronic universe that is both melodic and hypnotic, with a subtle touch of melancholy, creating an atmospheric and emotionally charged vibe on the dance floor.

With a solid musical repertoire and an impressive live performance, ANNÆLIX has established herself in the electronic music scene. The band's musical strength lies in their ability to create an enchanting atmosphere and a trance-like club experience, making her a sought-after name in clubs and festivals both nationally and internationally. The band consist of Mads Brendes (drums), Lars Rønne (synth and bass) and Annelise Witek (Vocal, synths, keys).

Annælix also teaches songwriting, music production and electronic music at Den Rytmiske Højskole and is the co-founder of We Make Noise DK (formerly known as Beats By Girlz DK)


ANNÆLIX is on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram