About annælix

Danish electronic composer, DJ and artist. As a composer she explores the sub-genres of electronic house music. With melodic synths, groovy basslines, she creates atmopheric and ambient universes for her songs. Her sound selection is her own unique style, deep and groovy and always with a twist. Her aim is to excite and create emotions on the dancefloor.

ANNÆLIX has for a long time been very culturally and politically engaged. She teaches music and sound production in Den Rytmiske Højskole and is the co-founder of Beats By Girlz Denmark. At BBG she organizes music production camps, network and courses for women, trans and non-binary people to help improve representation and the genderbalance within the music industry. Also a boardmember in Foreningen Musikbevægelsen af 2019, working towards the same goal.  

Besides that she organizes electronic events, bringing international deep house and downtempo to Copenhagen with For Haus Sake events.

Pronoun: She/Her Hun/hende/hen



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